Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rice and Shrimp with Octopus (Brasil...Day 5)

From my last post, you likely saw that we had an incredible 2nd day in Rio. I intentionally neglected to elaborate on USAir's bumbling of our flight, beginning with departing Philly 5 hours late, with the bon voyage being "you'll likely miss your connecting flight, and if so, we can connect you to Rio in 4 days. But there's no guarantee. If we cannot, you are entitled to a refund." Makes you just want to fly. Luckily, we actually made our connection because 50 other people missed their connection....but, we had no clothes the first 2 days in Rio as the luggage was 'missing'....

...oh yeah. I neglected because there was no FOOD in that story.

 Anyhow...after 3 great days to Ana (Carmen's sister) & Zehzeh's beach house in Buzios, made famous by Brigette Bardot, for 4 more days of beach, beer, meals & naps. My biggest thrill? Cooking on my third continent and second hemisphere.

Although only approaching Spring in August and a cold snap in the 70's, the beach was still filled with hot babes, and we left our mark upon it.

Here in Buzios, we took advantage of Ana & Zehzeh's kitchen to prepare a few meals. Carmen's mother, Dona Leda, made this simple yet utterly savory dish of Arroz de Polvo com CamarĂ£o...or, Rice and Shrimp with Octopus.

Arroz com CamarĂ£o

2lbs shrimp
2 cups rice (brown, wild, or white if you must)
2 lbs broccoli (or broccoli heads)

- Remove heads/shells from shrimp, make a stock.
- Prepare rice as normal, incorporate stock into rice
- Saute broc, add shrimp at END to keep from overcooking
- Combine


1 freaking big Octopus, purchased from the local dock
3 Red Peppers
2 Large onions
- Dice and sautee the onions and peppers in oil until brown and velvety
- Add to a pressure cooker with cut-up octopus, some water, and boil for 5 minutes
- Turn off, let sit for 2 hours

Unbelievably too good to describe! I told Dona Leda that I wished to cook for them the next day, and did so, making my Thai Garlic Seafood Stew...recipe when I next make it again.

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