Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Clam Sauce

I am often asked why I am willing to travel 2 hours each way to work. The quick answer is that I prefer to suffer in order to work, rather than suffer to get near a beach (weekend shore traffic is like being placed in a pain amplifier). The other reason.....I have connections. Duane lives in one direction, and he hooks me up with fresh soft-shell crabs. In the other direction, John gets me the freshest clams. In the space of an hour, they go from being stuck in the mud to being devoured by a stick-in-the-mud.

While we usually enjoy them raw on the 1/2 shell, when you buy them 100 at a time you get an occasional request to do something different. I made a bunch by topping them with diced bell peppers, vidalia onion & smoked pancetta, broiled....but that wasn't enough, so the next batch I made into a quick clam sauce. Here for your consideration.

Jersey Fresh Clam Sauce
-3 dozen large cherrystone clams
-3 diced bell peppers (pick a color...I used yellow)
-1 lb fresh baby spinach
-1 bunch parsley
-1 lb mushrooms, sliced
-1 head garlic, diced fine.
-olive oil
-Wondra flour

Put 1/2 inch of water in a pot, and steam the clams until they start to open. Do not overcook!
Reserve the clam broth. Shuck the clams, removing the tough muscled. Chop them.
In a pot, saute the garlic and peppers in olive oil. Add the mushrooms.
When all is good....add the spinach and parsley, about a tbl wondra to thicken.
Add 2 cups of the clam broth, and the clams.

I served this over whole wheat medium pasta shells. You may do whatever you wish. Just be happy as a clam.

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