Tuesday, May 11, 2010

and so it begins....

....i had a dream. the dream was, of course, related to food.

i have always enjoyed cooking, ever since college where i would cook for my 4 roommates (an easy task, as young guys will eat anything). i then married, and took over the daily preparation of the family dinner...i would make a lot of my families traditional italian or polish dishes...and the rest would be standard fare.

then, in 1993,  my entire family took a trip to rome, followed by reconnecting with my fathers family in sicily. my cooking would never be the same...i was in the land where AWESOME food was almost invented. everywhere i went, my senses were awash with new and exciting dishes...i learned new ingredients....and fell in love with food in a new way. (sicily, having been invaded by arabs, greeks, spaniards, and yes, normans, has a very rich heritage and mixture of dishes).

in 2003 we built the new house...with a large kitchen...and i began breaking out from what my biggest fan (my wife diane) called my "italian phase" (no matter what i made, it always had an italian spin)...and began experimenting with vegetarian, asian, indian and other ethnic styles...all with a focus on the decadence of food...yet balanced nutritionally.

today...the dream reaches another phase as it manifests itself here...with a blog where i and my closest foodie friends can talk about food...share our recipes and discoveries...and our passion for food. tasty, wonderful food. sensuous, enticing food. food food food food food.

my sister claims that we only talk about 3 things in my family: what we've cooked, what we're eating, and what we are going to cook next. i hope you enjoy reading about it all as much as we enjoy talking about it.

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