Friday, May 14, 2010

on being a "cook"....

Okay, while I would never intentionally be watching Oprah, I happened to be at my buddy's beach house waiting for him to show I threw his TV on....and as luck would have it, there she is, with Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz. Before I could change the channel, I hear:

Oprah: so Cameron, i hear you are something of a cook.
Cameron: actually, I like to eat ...which is why I cook.
Oprah: so what do you cook?
Cameron: breakfast.
Oprah: such as.....?
Cameron: oatmeal. I make a great oatmeal.
Oprah: oatmeal is a grain, isn't it?
(the next 5 minutes are spend discussing how she personalizes her oatmeal, and what it's like to be famous)

I'm posting this because I couldn't possibly make any of it up. I managed to lunge for the remote. The thought of being challenged by Cameron in the kitchen is too much to get my head around. And I suddenly don't regret that TV is what got cut when something needed to be removed from the schedule.


  1. There's an art to a good oatmeal... letting the rolled oats sit in lukewarm water overnight before breakfast, then not forgetting a vital pinch of salt that is ever-essential to the process which so many forget so it simply tastes like sweet sludge when the brown sugar goes on...

    I kidd.. this is pretty ridiculous.. =p

  2. Definitely don't mind living without television!!

  3. Oh I so agree . . oatmeal what a great breakfast so good and so good for you. I never left it in water overnight but totally agree about how important that pinch of salt is. Night and day difference. And me I use splenda brown sugar and raisins.