Thursday, May 13, 2010

for the love of garlic

Oddly, some find it stinky...I once worked for a guy named Jim who hated it. One day, standing next to me at the office, we had the following interchange:

Jim: You ate garlic last night.
Me: Yep. I eat it almost every night.
Jim: I can smell it on you. I don't like garlic.
Me: Then don't stand so close to me.

He intended me to understand that he was offended by garlic. I'd rather he understand that I like my space. And he was in it.

Where am I going with this? Just wanted to share my love for garlic...I have a million uses, but today I share a shortcut. While I prefer to use fresh heads, let's face it, having a full-time job that forces me to leave my kitchen for extended periods means I look for the occasional shortcut. In this case, I found that I can buy 5lb. jugs of peeled cloves (this week at the South Philly Italian Market for $5), and utilize my 21 y/o daughter (aka "indentured servant") to cut off the tips. I then use my chopper to...uh...chop...I fill mason jars with the final product, and add my other favorite ingredient: olive oil. Thus prepared, the jars go in the refrigerator, where they can keep almost forever, and are there whenever I am in a rush. Or when Diane makes eggs, which is all I allow her to use my kitchen for. Which is a tale for another day.


  1. Now that's a great idea! I'm adamant about using fresh garlic and I refuse to use that nasty jarred stuff they call chopped "garlic' at the grocery store and garlic powder just can't replicate the flavor of fresh. I'm sure the olive oil preserves it nicely. If only I could find a 5 lb. jug of garlic at my local, nonexistent Italian market. Sigh...guess I'd have to peel my own.

  2. i have to agree...the jarred stuff to me tastes less like garlic than it does the preservatives they put in it.

  3. the jarred garlic tastes like tart vinegar mush.. it's sweet but disgustingly so.. I can't fathom how lazy a person would have to be to not use fresh garlic as it's available EVERYWHERE