Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Iron Chef" Dish Naming Contest

*****Win a $10 Gift Card by naming This Dish (rules at end)*****

So there we were last night, preparing for yet another road trip today, because cramming the family into a car and driving 8 or more hours while the kids fight with each other is our idea of masochistic heaven. As usual, I want to clean out the refrigerator before we go, and found the following perishable items:

6 leeks
1 lb baby spinach
1 red pepper
2 cups of leftover tomato sauce from stuffed red peppers

What to do? Hmm. I didn't make dinner, still have to pack, so it needs to be quick...and on the table in 20 mins. So, here are 2 additional ingredients, and what I did:

- Boiled 1 lb of piccolini (aka wagon wheel pasta)
- In a separate pan, I started by sauteing 3/4 lb of diced guanciale (a seasoned cured italian fatty meat that tastes great, sounds bad) until crispy brown
- I then added the red pepper, diced up small
- I added the leek, diced....continued sauteing all until the leeks were done
- I added the baby spinach, which wilted quickly
- I added the tomato sauce, and once warm, tossed it all on the piccolini.

The family loved it....and my daughter said "what should you call it?" That is when I had the idea for the contest!

- Did you notice that there are some interesting ads this site...? They are sponsored links. Treat them as such.
- Email me ( your idea for a name no later than 6am Wed May 26, 2010. Anything goes.
- Later that day, I will put the 5 best names (or snarkiest, I do have a streak of it myself) on this blog. I will then open it up to a vote by all readers.
- The winner will be selected on Monday, May 31, 2010....and I will send them a $10 gift card as a reward for their tenacity, creativity, or skill at amusing me. Its worth $10. Good luck!

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  1. Norman . . .I'm glad your dish tasted better than it looks. There's a place in Rochester, NY that is part of the rituals for freshman @ RIT and Rochester. . .and it's going to Tony's for Tony's Garbage Plate.
    A Rochester staple, the garbage plate is a whopping stack of (get ready): two hamburger patties and two sides (home fries, macaroni salad, or beans), mixed with ketchup and hot sauce, with a roll on the side for good measure.

    Read more:

    They resemble each other but yours' definately has more flair. And since I've eaten at Tony's I'm sure MUCH better!!