Friday, May 28, 2010

Kluski Kapusta Po (Cabbage & Bows)

Polish Comfort Food. For those of you with such roots, this dish brings a smile on a cold winters day. Of course, you may ask "hey, it's almost Memorial day, aren't you a wee bit late on the uptake here...?"  Well, we've been feasting on clams on the 1/2 shell & soft-shell crabs the last few days....and haven't made anything the blog is dying a slow death from it's initial excitement....I thought I'd give you some filler while we wait to see who I send a $10 check to for the silly contest at left. 

Coming soon: Collards. And why Google & I decided to no longer carry ads on this blog. Bon appetit!

-2 lg Spanish onions, diced
-3/4 lb smoked pancetta (bacon, if you must), diced small
-6 lb cabbage, chunked
-1 lb farfalle (bow ties)

-Saute' the 1st 3 items
-Add the cabbage, cook until wilted
-While you do this, cook AL DENTE the farfalle
-Strain and add the farfalle

The longer it sits as a leftover....the better it tastes! 


  1. This is a great dish. I make a version of it using ground sausage and feta cheese, mmmm!!

  2. I have some Polish in me and have a few faves from my childhood and Cabbage with Kluski (dough balls) is how we made it and will continue that tradition. Your version sounds fun as well but the kids will not let me not make the dough balls. lol