Friday, May 28, 2010

Kluski Kapusta Po (Cabbage & Bows)

Polish Comfort Food. For those of you with such roots, this dish brings a smile on a cold winters day. Of course, you may ask "hey, it's almost Memorial day, aren't you a wee bit late on the uptake here...?"  Well, we've been feasting on clams on the 1/2 shell & soft-shell crabs the last few days....and haven't made anything the blog is dying a slow death from it's initial excitement....I thought I'd give you some filler while we wait to see who I send a $10 check to for the silly contest at left. 

Coming soon: Collards. And why Google & I decided to no longer carry ads on this blog. Bon appetit!

-2 lg Spanish onions, diced
-3/4 lb smoked pancetta (bacon, if you must), diced small
-6 lb cabbage, chunked
-1 lb farfalle (bow ties)

-Saute' the 1st 3 items
-Add the cabbage, cook until wilted
-While you do this, cook AL DENTE the farfalle
-Strain and add the farfalle

The longer it sits as a leftover....the better it tastes! 

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  1. This is a great dish. I make a version of it using ground sausage and feta cheese, mmmm!!