Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Savory Stuffed Artichokes

My 9 year old daughter is a foodie. I'm pretty sure of this, because I've never heard my friends kids say things like "when are you making rabbit stew again" "can I go to the food show again this year"...or, when I respond to her inquiry about what I came home with telling her "artichokes", she exclaims "YES!" and begins dancing.

My 22 year old doesn't get nearly this animated...and the 4 year old is so picky I'm not sure I've ever seen her eat solid food. The universe ensures balance, it appears.

Artichokes are an easy prepare, and abundant this time of year. Try this:

Trim the leaves a bit with scissors, so as to remove thistles.
Cut in 1/2, remove the "choke", or fuzzy stuff.
Stuff them. Lay them stuffing-side up in a pot with 1/2 inch water, cover and simmer 45-60 minutes.

I stuff them with a mixture of chopped sun-dried tomatoes, chopped garlic, olive oil and breadcrumb...about equal amounts of each. Or at least I did this time...I'm prone to change.


  1. Geez . . .that sounds good. Don't know that I've ever had artichokes other than pickled . . .I'm going to have to expore myself! Maybe some Sun Dried Tomato Dipping Oil drizzled on top than broiled for a minute or two? Or O*M*B*? Something smells wonderful!!
    Thanks Norman!

  2. I love artichokes. Wish I was paying attention and saw this recipe the other day; instead I just steamed them with garlic and oil. Mrs. Capozzi, God rest her sole, used to make me stuffed artichokes every year for Christmas and my birthday. I will surely try this recipe becuase I have such a hard time stuffing them when they're whole.